this circular life

It’s hard not to feel mired in the moment today, as I wander around my current living space, stepping around half-filled boxes and over piles of belongings about which I have to decide whether I still want them belonging to me. Or me to them.
Getting a phone call from my college roommate (through undergrad and grad school) helped to remind me what I’ve blogged about before — all my life’s a circle. The friends I have made, both online and off, are still out there, and inevitably they circle back into connection.
{Ah, the phone is ringing again. It’s one of my long-time close friends in Albany, checking in to see how I’m holding up. We make arrangements to meet for lunch on Tuesday, after I pick up the laptop I crashed from my geek wizard on my way through Albany to my daughter’s.}
Two days ago, I got a comment left on my blog from a former colleague with whom I lost touch more than a decade ago. She found me on Google. Once, on the spur of the moment while we were both still working, we flew out to Key West for a week. I usually don’t do things like that, but she does, and we had a great time. I took a bunch of photos with my feet in them and put them into an photo album I titled “Footloose in the Last Resort.” I had the energy to be creative, then, despite a very demanding job.
This has been an unusual spurt of re-connections, of giving the becalmed circular motion of my life a jump start.

2 thoughts on “this circular life

  1. Your post reminds me of the old adage, “What goes around comes around”, not strictly, but in a broad sense.

    One of my college English courses focused on poetry. We were encouraged to write a poem, and I still remember this attempt, and I think it fits the spirit of your post:

    “We are those who came before us,
    Those we follow are who we were.”

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