I don’t believe in yesterday

Yesterday was the “National Day of Prayer.”
In acknowledgment of the occasion, I quote here from my favorite scientist/atheist’s weblog, Pharyngula.

I can scarcely believe my country is officially pandering to such willful stupidity — elevating evangelical kooks to positions of prestige, trumpeting the virtues of sectarian religion, and actually crediting the successes of America to the fact that a subset of deluded, demented fools sit on their asses and beg an invisible man to protect us and help us kill people in foreign countries. What a waste, and what an encouragement of further waste.

I feel like just declaring this the official National Day of Derangement and writing it all off, maybe spit in the soup of people who say grace, or flip off any group I catch trying to do a collective exercise in ritual invocation of nonexistent beings, but the Minnesota Atheists have a more productive idea: they are calling this a National Day of Reason and are setting up to demonstrate in the Minnesota capitol in St Paul today. They actually have a prime position, and all the legislators leaving their workplace to join in the National Day of Inanity will have to troop by them. In my dreams, these politicians would feel a little sense of shame at the foolishness of the official events, but in reality, I’m sure they won’t.


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  1. seems like the woeful neglect my blog usually suffers was briefly interrupted by a visit from an instance of rovetroll.exe merely because i took the time to mention the day of prayer and then proceed to use our Lord’s name somewhat in vain. and what rapier wit did our nascent pseudo-sentient bot choose to employ on behalf of his argument in favor of the day of prayer?

    he called me a douchebag.

    waaah! i’m goin’ home to maaamaaa…

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