no old gray mare

Even though I’m not what I used to be, I’m not ready to be put out to pasture yet. But I think I am ready to stop coloring my hair.
If my natural hair color at this point were all gray, I wouldn’t hesitate. What it is, however, is gray in the front and sides and that dull mousy brown (with a few gray strands here and there} in the rest.
Googling around o see what my options are to liven up my dull old mare hair should I opt to grow it out, I wound up at a brand new blog called “Going Gray.”
I will keep checking in there, looking for inspiration and motivation to actually go gray. But with style, of course, Always with style.

1 thought on “no old gray mare

  1. Well! It seems we have the same pattern of graying…I, too, decided to let my gray grow in and this is what I’m doing. Lowlighting…selected strands of hair are separated, colored and wrapped in foil. It works well, leaves gray “highlights” and when the back of my head catches up with the front…I’ll go totally gray!

    Good luck,

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