The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily Time’s guest writer every Monday
The carpetbagger Senator from New York began articulating some specific plans this past week. “We dug a big hole,” she said, “we’ve got to dig ourselves out. I’m going to pass out shovels to everyone.” She made that remark as part of the undetailed policies she’s proposing on energy and taxation, which would require up to $110 billion in tax breaks and government aid to jump-start the economy. But she admittedly has no proposed means of paying for such a program. Nor for the shovels.
And that’s odd, because last month she sang a different tune. Then she very firmly and pointedly said, “I am not proposing anything I don’t have way to pay for.”
Now there’s a “change” for ya. Talk about your “fairy tales.” The nature of her presidency, it seems, would depend upon which state you live in. Maybe she can get it down to which block you live on.
Sure hope our shovels get here soon cuz the horse-puckey from Camp Clinton is getting deep in a hurry. Pretty soon we’ll need bull*dozers to clean up.

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