write and wrong

The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily Time’s guest writer every Monday.
The Writers Guild of America is on strike, trying to get a fair share of the huge profits companies and producers make off materials like dvd’s and the newly-tapped internet downloading. You see, film and tv companies and their big-shot producers are notoriously greedy and egocentric. They believe they’re the heart of the entertainment industry cuz they front the bucks. Their importance in the process can’t be denied, but they, like many of us, forget that without the writer providing the words, there is nothing. Well…except so-called “reality” shows. In scripted creative endeavors, however, “in the beginning was the word.” (John, I.1)

But writers more often than not get shoved somewhere at the back of the line. Take a look at the opening credits of a movie or tv drama or sitcom or late night show. You’ll see much attention to a host of studio bigs and companies and actors but only a momentary glimpse of who the writers are.
So a strike is a welcome event with the secondary benefit of driving home a very basic point: without writers, there are no words (meaning scripts).
Without words, the big shots have no shows or films. No matter how much money they have.
And that’s right. Write?
Then there is our government. Loosely speaking.

Like Dick Cheney who identified Hugo Chavez as the leader of Peru , not the Venezuela he actually runs. How’s that for pure (but unsurprising) stupidity out of our second in command?
Like G.W. Bush who threatens Congress that if they don’t approve his Attorney General, he’ll leave the post vacant. Like it wasn’t so with Gonzalez in there.
Like Congress which gutlessly folds and gives him what he wants.
Like Prez hopeful, the Senator Hypocrita Clinton who screws up in a recent debate then complains they ganged up on her and lets her campaign claim it was a guys against the girl thing. Yeah, go down that road. That’d qualify you for Prez. And then this week in Iowa, after a supposedly impromptu Q. and A. session, it was discovered that at least one question/questioner was a plant by her campaign. So…how’s she then any different from the current administration?
And the supposed question of waterboarding as torture so ponderously puzzling our elected and appointed pundits. What’s to ask? Wanna know if it is or isn’t, or wanna flat-out insist it isn’t? Then first you must undergo the process and then come back and tell us with a straight face it isn’t. (That especially means you, Senators Feinstein and Schumer and new A.G. Mukasey. No sense adding Dumbya and Darth to the list since they’d lie about having undergone it.)
This government — the Founding Fathers would love to see it in action. Right?
WRONG! They’d have a collective heart attack upon learning how the WORDS they WROTE have been perverted. Or maybe they’d go on strike and start a new country.

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