fighting the funk with an Escape

It’s hard not to slip into a funk these days. Mom doesn’t seem to be able to make any decisions for herself anymore. There’s no point in asking her what she wants to eat or where she wants to sit or what she wants to do. Her answer to all of those questions is always “I don’t know.”
And I’ve lost some teeth and the dental lab is having a hard time making a partial that fits. I’ve been back and forth to the dentist for more than two months. And it will be another two weeks until the next iteration comes back from the lab.
So, I went and bought a new car. A Ford Escape. A 2008 demo that I got a good deal on. It’s been a long time since I owned an American car. I’m feeling a little schizo, since, while I bought “American,” which is a good thing, I think, I also bought a small SUV, which is not as fuel efficient as, say, a Subaru Impreza, which is smaller. A lot smaller. The truth is I LIKE sitting up high in the driver’s seat. (Now, there’s a metaphor that has real meaning for me.)
Actually, the Escape is the same length as my old Subaru and only a couple of inches wider. I bought it in Albany so that getting it serviced will mean that I’ll have to spend a day in Albany and that will mean that I can have lunch with my women friends, whom I hardly ever get to see anymore.
I also have a new hair cut. A funky hair cut to help lessen the other kind of funk.
Not as expensive a funk neutralizer as a Ford Escape, but at this point, every little bit helps.

1 thought on “fighting the funk with an Escape

  1. love your new hair cut and escape!
    you go, gurl!

    i’ve been reading your blog for a few yrs. (courtesy of sheila lennon’s

    i’ve walked the mama walk, talk and did the dance like you’re doing. my heart is with you. it’s not easy kid. i will assure you, you’re going to miss your mama plenty, when she’s gone.

    in the meantime, keep dancing and when it becomes too much, try to hire help. you’re doing the right thing, my friend.

    found this article in nyt and thought of you. it is zen, the art of living in the moment…

    carry on and my best to you.

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