Whose Country?

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It’s maddening and often infuriating, and it should lead, every day, to a fierce question: Whose country is this?

It’s a question that should be put to every elected individual and bureaucratic appointee every day by citizens through snail-mail, e-mail, and phone calls…or any other means of communication. And for its transparency impact, every arm of mass media — print, radio, t.v. — should shove the question into the face of every political and corporate talking head in daily and weekend-circuit shows and interviews and at every press briefing or conference. Shove it at every current and future presidential candidate at every turn. Whose country is this?

But neither citizens nor media do it much — almost never, in fact. And that’s our real problem today. Nobody asks the pertinent question: whose country is this?

Why should we ask? Because without it, these elected worms and their political appointees and their corporate masters have come to believe — and seek to make us believe — that the country belongs to them. That they can do what they want with it with impunity. And when anyone might venture to say, “Wait a sec…what’re you doing? Why’d you do that?”, the worms reply, “It’s a secret, a matter of national security, and it’s unpatriotic of you to question it. It’s our business, so you butt out.”

Don’t ask. National security. Classified. Executive privilege. Homeland (that Nazi-esque term) security. They all mean the same thing: the worms claiming it’s their country. How imperial. How dictatorial. How Cheneyesque.

So they need to be bombarded, these worms, reminded that their secrecy, their power grabs, their declarations from on high are not tolerable. That their disregard of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is not acceptable. That the government is not theirs to do with as they will. They must be reminded, loud and clear and forcefully, that it is a government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE. And if they don’t like it, get the hell out — of office and even the country.

Whose country is it? It’s ours…we the PEOPLE.

And this P.S from me, Elaine of Kaliliy:
If you watched 60 Minutes last night, you saw and heard just evidence of whose country this has become, as Congressmen documented the fact that too many of them work hard to pass legislation for corporate backers and then leave Congress to become lobbyists for — or employees — of those corporate interests. (Case in point: the Medicare Prescription Bill) The country obviously belongs to those with great money, which in turn buys great power.
There are a lot more of us “people” than there are of the monied interests. It’s sort of what it was like just before the French Revolution.
Liberte. Egalite, Fraternite: that should be the rallying cry these days for “we the People.”

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