we know what’s it’s not

Well, it’s not her glaucoma or her macular degeneration. There’s no infection, so the blood test say. Maybe it’s the new medication or maybe she had a little stroke the other night when we somehow managed to get her to the emergency room. But now she’s like a zombie. Sleeps most of the time, eats a little, goes to the bathroom (still by herself, thank god), and goes back to sleep. Doesn’t say much except to cry a little that she can’t remember. I’ll call her geriatric specialist tomorrow and confer about the medication.
In many ways, it’s easier on me because while she sleeps, I can do other things, like blog and alter some of my clothes that are now getting baggy, since I dropped about six pounds (on purpose). But I hate to see her like that. Like a walking dead.
We have to find out what it is.

1 thought on “we know what’s it’s not

  1. well…it wouldn’t surprise me to find that you might reach a point (perhaps have) where the choice is pain/dementia/anger or zombie-like.

    Of the two, I’d think the latter is preferable for all concerned.

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