presidential material

The most interesting thing for me about the Democratic debate among presidential contenders was how their personalities shaped their responses to the material.
It was obvious what strong and assertive personalities both Obama and Hillary are. They also are well-trained politicians, careful not to go too far over on one side or the other.
Gravel from Alaska, the gadfly, played a great counterpoint to the careful balance-beaming of the aforementioned two. He obviously is not a serious contender, but he spoke brazen truths that others are afraid to voice.
Biden, with his silver hair and elder-attractive features is a slick politician as well. He just looks so approachable, kindly, like someone’s educated and wordly grandfather. You kind of want to believe that he probably knows best.
I like Edwards, but I don’t think he came across as well as some of the others. And I got pretty tired of Richardson’s numbering every point he tried to make.
So, it was Kucinich who impressed me the most. He seemed the most human, the most humane, the most able to address the complexities of the various big pictures. I think he’d stand a better chance if he looked more like Biden.

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