my Subaru lament

I have loved my Subaru Outback Sedan from the day I bought it six and a half years ago, and until now, it has given me no trouble.
I have tried several places — including my Subaru dealer — in hopes of finding out why the battery is dead after the car sits in the garage for more than two days. It has done that five times already even though I’ve gotten obsessive about making sure that I haven’t left anything turned on.
So, the first thing I did, of course, was have a new battery put in. When that didn’t fix the problem, I took it to a local repair garage, where they “tested” the charging system and couldn’t find anything wrong.
OK,. I figured, I’ll take it to the Subaru place. I told them what was happening and asked them to please check every possible source of the problem. They told me the same thing the other garage did and gave me a copy of a “computer printout” to prove it.
Well, duh. Wrong, again.
It’s a good thing my brother has a battery charger. Meanwhile, I’m trying to remember to start my car every day and run it for a good five minutes.
I”m assuming that there’s a short in some wire somewhere. Now the challenge is to find a garage that will go through the trouble of checking out the wiring in detail.
Of course, I could buy a new car. (I kinda like the Hyundai Tucson). But, for now, I’m still looking for someone who who is persistent enough to track down the loose wire (or whatever).

2 thoughts on “my Subaru lament

  1. I think they said that they did, but I’m going to call them tomorrow to check if that’s so. I did a little research, and it could be the alternator’s diodes or a parasitic drain on the battery. I have to find out if they checked all those things. Bet they didn’t!!

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