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The hokey news you know you want to know excerpted from here.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said that a new “anti-greenhouse religion” had replaced Communism as the paramount threat to global freedom. “This ideology preaches earth and nature, and under the slogans of their protection–similarly to the old Marxists–wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central, now global, planning of the whole world.”[Reuters via the San Diego Union Tribune.]

In Beijing, weather officials were now using the word “mai,” meaning “haze,” to denote a denser concentration of pollutants than “wu,” which means “fog,”[The Economist] and Taiwan’s freeway bureau closed 600 yards of highway in Yunlin County in preparation for a massive migration of milkweed butterflies.[AP via Yahoo! News]

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck announced that his restaurants would no longer serve foie gras, but that he would continue to slice lobsters in half without first stunning them.

In her denial of an application for divorce filed by a battered Muslim woman, a female judge in Frankfurt, Germany, quoted a verse of the Koran that suggests husbands may beat unchaste wives. “It’s a religious thing,” she explained.[The Sun]

After it was discovered that he was drinking the blood and eating the flesh of their young women, a man named Black Jesus was captured by villagers in Papua New Guinea.[Fox News]

Four teachers in Xhyre, Albania, were censured after their students caught them drinking and having sex behind a blackboard. “I saw them acting shamefully,” said fourth-grader Elton Cuka to the Shqip daily. “Would you call someone a teacher,” asked Xhevahir Hohxa, a father, “who drinks raki at ten in the morning and gets drunk and chases the schoolgirls?”[Reuters via Scotsman]

To test the integrity of ten local hospitals, journalists in Hangzhou, China, replaced their urine samples with tea; six of the hospitals diagnosed the reporters with urinary tract infections.[Reuters via Yahoo! Lifestyle]

Families of victims of the World Trade Center attacks filed an affidavit that accused New York City of using the remains of the dead to pave roads and fill potholes.[Reuters via Yahoo! News]

As far as the last item is concerned, I have to say that it just sounds like some people are stretching their rationale for trying to get some big and not-necessarily-deserved money. Oh, yes, I assume that what they mean with “pave roads and fill potholes” is that there are some human remains mixed in with all of the debris from that horrific event, and that the whatever has been bulldozed and carted off is being recycled into reconstruction materials.
Seems like an appropriate thing to do, as far as I’m concerned.
After all, we all become dust and debris in the end. Perhaps what better way is there to memorialize those who imploded into what was left of those mighty Towers than to incorporate what miniscule pieces that are left of their structure into the infrastructure of that might City. Just as their memory becomes part of the City’s legacy, so does their matter.
Ever think of that??
Of course, growing up in a funeral home, I have no illusions about dead bodies. Dust. Dirt. Debris. Cremate me and fertiize a calla lily.

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