those women’s perspectives

There are lots of those perspectives being shared over across the country at the BlogHer conference, and among them are Beth Kanter’s photos of some of the best feet being put forward. While I’m not at the conference (being committed to helping my mom through a very bad bout of loosing fluids), I actually figured out how to do IRC and hope to participate virtually tomorrow. Hopefully, when the time comes, I will be able to fall in behind Jeneane Sessum (as I have often done before). Of course, that all depends on how near I have to stay by my mom and her bathroom.
However, in keeping with the notion that one doesn’t have to be there to be there, I figure I’ll add my self-pedicured feet, in my much-too-expensive sandals, to Beth’s gallery.
And meanwhile, it’s almost like being there looking at these accumulating photos, referred to by Jeneane: Betsy Devine has started a Flickr photo pool for BlogHer pix. Watch the ladies strut their stuff. And schwag!

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