not just another dance movie

calla.jpgI make sure I see just about every movie about ballroom dancing that comes out. Some I’ve seen several times. But I watched one the other day that is worth watching even if you don’t dance. After watching it, you might want to.
I never head of Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School , but my sib rented it thinking my mom and I would like it. My mother loves to watch ballroom dancing. Marisa Tomei, Mary Steenburgen, Sean Astin, John Goodman, Sonia Braga, Adam Arkin — the list of great performers goes on. Even Danny DeVito (although I’ll be damned if I remember him in it!) And none of them is a “ballroom dancer.”
There is a line in the movie about dancing “to exorcise my demons.” I guess that’s how it always worked for me. But that’s not what the movie is about, and what it’s about is not just one simple idea.
If you can find it, rent it.

3 thoughts on “not just another dance movie

  1. I found it and rented it. It was fantastic. I loved it a lot and am so grateful for your recommendation. (By the way, Danny DeVito is the guy in prison with Goodman in one of the very last scenes.)
    I also enjoyed what you shared from Jeneane. Thanks! You made my weekend!

  2. Wow. A ballroom novelist! I edited a ballroom/mystery novel a couple of years ago, but we couldn’t find a publisher. I’ll have to look at your site and see what the possibilities are.

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