Minding the Gap

Bear with me as I meander through the various meanings of the title of ths post.
We’re on a movie marathon, here, having been given a week or so of free TMC and Showtime. Movies on Demand on both of these are our favorite freebees.
Mind the Gap is a little movie that a lot more people should have seen. Begin with the reviews here, that include the following…
Warm-hearted but clear-eyed indie effort richly repays audience patience during deliberately paced and provocatively allusive early scenes with a cumulative emotional impact that is immensely satisfying.
..and then go rent the movie or bring some popcorn over to a friend who has TMC.
(Actually, “mind the gap” is the warning to subway travelers in London.)
There are lots of life’s gaps to mind, and that gap between good and evil is a big one to worry about these days. I found this great post about such here on The Mahablog, which begins with this quote:
Sometimes the worst evil is done by good people who do not know that they are not good.Reinhold Niebuhr
I found that maha post via the Ex-Liontamer, who pointed out just one more evildoing by the government who’s supposed to protect us.
Then there’s my favorite gap, the generational one. For her birthday post, Ronni Bennet wrote eloquently about turning 65. Ronni is the premier elderblogger, read by generations of all persuasions. She has collected a blogroll of “elderbloggers” that make minding that gap on the far end of life’s road seem like no trouble at all. It’s through Ronni’s blogroll that I discovered. 84-year old Golden Lucy. I’ve always maintained that blogging is the perfect communication tool for us geezers over 60.
Back to movies and the various gaps. And it’s all kinds of gaps that the movie Crash mines and minds. It deserved every award it got.
As fate would have it, I got up from my mom’s couch at 11:11 tonight after ending tonight’s Showtime movie marathan with The Woodsman. I have to say that Kevin Bacon’s performance helped to narrow the gap in my understandng of such a man’s torturous war with himself.
Finally, quoting the taglines of Crash:
You think you know who you are. You have no idea.
Or, closer to my side of the gap:
Live your life at the point of impact

1 thought on “Minding the Gap

  1. Sure glad I stopped by here tonight. Everything you touched on is of interest to me, including your comments.
    Will look forward to viewing “Mind The Gap” — how do these good little gems, or so it sounds like, get lost from public view? Try to watch for these but they slip on through, unheralded.
    Thanx for the link to “Mahablog” with the discussion of evil. “Evil is as evil does” pretty well sums it up.
    You’re certainly right about Golden Lucy being a gem. Her comments are almost always spot on target.
    And “Crash” … I concur, there are certainly dialogue lines in there that hit right between the eyes if only we listen.

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