Happy Birthday, Ronni!

The above is not Ronni Bennet. But, as time continues to go by, who knows. This might be her next major accomplishment.
But at the moment,.
Ronni’s got a birthday, and
we bloggers think it’s great
that we all get together
and help her celebrate.
So, Ronni, here’s to more of
times like those gone by
that filled you with such wisdom,
on which we all rely.
Times will come and times will go
(we never know the path)
so , meanwhile, here’s something I hope
will make you stop and laugh.
(video; give it a minute)


1 thought on “Happy Birthday, Ronni!

  1. This is a really funny video! Truly had to watch it more than once as the birthday girl at TGB said. Will have to come back from time to time when I need a laugh.

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