surprises and no surprises

I guess I’ve been a little surprised by the outpouring of support from so many of my fellow bloggers, especially those from the “old blodays,” those I was sure had forgotten about me.
Like prolific Mike Golby so far away in South Africa. I used to read his blog all of the time, even though I often got lost in his erudition. What a warm surprise it was to read his comment.
I wasn’t surprised but was just as pleased to hear from Dave Rogers, with whom I shared a few beers just about a year ago in Albany. He is much more widely read than I’ve ever been, even in the best of my gloryblog days, and I’m sure his mention of my current situation in his own weblog was instrumental in others tracking me down.
I certainly was not surprised to hear from Jeneane Sessum, sister Blogsister, and my very first blogfriend. Jeneane also emailed me the following, which she got from here:
Carers Wish List
I wish:
I could watch a television programme all the way through
I could go to bed when I want to and sleep through the night
I could get up when I want to
I could do something on the spur of the moment
I didn’t have to watch the clock for tablets and toileting
I didn’t have to worry all the time about the person I care for
I wish things could be as they were.

Yes, that sounds about right to me.
In checking out Jeneane’s recent posts (which I don’t do often enough lately), I also noticed on that she was reminiscing
about those good ol’ blogdays when we were all leaving voice mail messages on Gary Turner’s phone over there across the Atlantic, and then he would have them available to listen to on his weblog. Back then, blogging was full of fun stuff like that………
…… be continued
There are other blogger friends I’d like to link to in thanks for their comment-encouragement, but it’s now 1:30 a.m., I’ve already had to get up and get my mom to the bathroom three times and the last time she wanted to get up and have something to eat so we did. On top of that, I’m still not familiar enough with using this laptop, and so it takes me twice as long to post something from it. I started this post somewhere around 11p.m. Two hours later, and I’m still plodding along.
When I continue, I will share more about my mom and how we danced the Oberek tonight and had some good laughs. She seems to have some strength and energy back. That’s a bit of a surprise.

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