exquisite torture

While mom sleeps, I watch “Ballroom Bootcamp” on TLC. Three women, who have never danced before and who are variously overweight, are learning to Tango. One is a lesbian mother, one a stay at home mom, and one a chubby young woman in her twenties.
Before I stopped ballroom dancing three years ago and started gaining weight, I was learning the Tango. Watching these women embrace their poise and grace and, as the young woman explained –her “Diva Attitudel” — I am missing mine. It is torture to watch them doing what I still want to do. They become exquisite.
As they dance competitively, dressed and made-up to the nines, I sit here in the same pajama pants and big shirt I’ve been wearing and sleeping in for two days now. I am reminded how much clothes often — if not make the woman — make the woman’s attitude.
I think I’ll send for the magic omelette maker that was advertised during the commerical break.
So mujch for Diva Attitude.
My time will come again.
But for now, here’s hoping for a Happy Hogmanay.

3 thoughts on “exquisite torture

  1. My thoughts and well wishes are with you, Elayne. I don’t know how you find the strength to carry on in your tough situation. May the new year bring you some peace.

  2. Your Mother’s journey is coming to it’s inevitable end… and you have been a faithful companion. May this new year bring you the promise of new life for you and your family. It’s obvious there are many readers who hold you in their hearts each day.

  3. I came via David’s blog. I wish you and your family well. I went thru the same with my mother–I know your heartache and hardships, fellow travelers down athe same road. I wish her comfort and peace–I send you and your brother hugs. It was me and my father taking care of mom, the good days and the not so good. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Bless you!

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