let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

They got buried where I’m heading tomorrow — off to see the little wizard who knows how to make me forget the stress I live with every day.
I’m packing the car with holiday presents, including a really nice cable stitched afghan I made for my daughter and son-in-law.
On may way out, I’m stopping at Sam’s Club and stocking up on bread baking supplies which I will split with my daughter, since we both have new bread baking machines. There’s nothing like a home made loaf of oatmeal and honey bread made from scratch, not a mix.
Baking bread and knitting. So much for my dance club days.
I bought myself a new mini digital camera that can also record video and voice. I’m hoping that b!X will explain how to upload that stuff so that I can post an actual “moving picture.” Of course, first I have to figure out how to use the camera; my daughter is usually a big help when it comes to that.
My sibling will be left to take care of my mother. If previous history is any indication, that means she will be calling me every day asking when I’m coming home.
But I’m going, come hell, high water, or even another snow storm.

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