the kind of women that give women a bad name

From Randi Rhodes e-newsletter — a chance to see “BUSH WOMEN” in action.

This one’s
my bible-belcher favorite. I hope that you can get to the video. It’s really scary.
Then, of course, There’s Ann Coulter. Seeing and hearing her on video , makes it hard to believe that there are people who actually think she’s not just a wacked-out self-serving publicity hound. I’m glad to hear that she got a booing reception at UConn.
On the other hand, as Rhodes also points out, there are down-to-earth women like Representative Cynthia McKinney, who embarassed the hell out of Rumsford with her direct questions about Dyncorp Sex Rings, Missing Pentagon Trillions, and 9/11 Wargames.

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