I moved into this space several months ago, but I’m still making it my own — putting up lots of mirrors to make it seem brighter, hanging colorful glass “rooting vases” on the walls and filling them with cuttings from my various new plants. Yesterday, I hung a “Lady of Nine Heavens” Bagua on the door into my space.


There are lots of reasons for this particular choice — the connection to an ancient goddess mythology, the hints of protection “magic,” the bright colors, the integration of various aspects of “Feng Shui.”
I mean, I do have, hanging on various other walls, my witches’ broom (which I bought), my prayer stick (which I made), my Akuaba icon (given to my by my son), a willow-bordered protection shield (woven for me by members of a therapy group I was in many years ago), a small sheaf of wheat tied with a red ribbon (bought at a Polish cultural festival), and a powerful quilted wall hanging made for me by a good friend.
I guess “nesting,” for me, means surrounding myself with those things that bring good energy into my space, my life. Things with meaning and their own kind of magic.
Here’s hoping bagua magic works.
Maybe I should have just hung up a big garland of garlic. Heh.

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