it’s catalog season again

I get ’em by the dozens. Every day. Home furnishings. Clothes. Kids stuff. Chocolates. Cheeses. It happens every year about this time, a month before the winter holidays.
What a waste of paper. But I remind myself that — even though I don’t buy anything — every catalog I get helps to keep mail carriers employed. E-mail has really cut down on the amount of personal mail that gets sent out. So it’s those bulk mailings that keep them carrying.
Actually, I did get one catalog that I enjoyed looking at: Femail Creations.
I mean, this one got a chuckle and nod from me.
This is my favorite, although I wouldn’t mind having one of these either.
And, boy do I know someone I’d like to buy this for, but I don’t think he’d appreciate it.
And then there’s this one that caught my eye, because it’s my mother’s philosophy and I wish it were mine:


And, finallly this. Sigh.
Did you know that, at this moment, there are exactly 53581 moments left until Christmas.
If you need any catalogs, let me know.

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