my achin’ back!

The moving van comes tomorrow for our furniture and all they can fit of my mom’s boxes. I’ll have to figure out how to get the rest of my stuff to the new digs, but I have two weeks in which to do that.
The good news is that I lost five pounds, what with all the non-stop bending and lifting and walking to the trash room and back. The bad news is that my back is killing me.
I’m definitely going to get a massage as soon as I can get an appointment.
There is so much bad news breaking lives apart every day. The Big Picture is so very much out of control. So I’m hanging on to the Little One as best I can.
Mom is not taking the packing very well. She keeps forgetting what it’s all about. Worries that I’m abandoning her, wants to know who’s taking her stuff away. That’s been the most exhausting part of packing — dealing with my mom’s delusions.

3 thoughts on “my achin’ back!

  1. You have my deepest sympathy, Elaine….This could be a re-run of what I also had to do. My Mother wasn’t of much help when we moved, she was very lost already by the time I had her ensconced in a small apartment right next to mine. I was still working every day, too early to retire, so it was really kind of a nightmare.
    But I managed. We always do, we *daughters*.
    You won’t think so right now, but this too, shall pass. And yes, isn’t it always the daughters who must provide our mother’s lifeline?? Isn’t it always our hearts that are broken — over and over. Day after day?
    Email me if you want to, OK? — {{{hugs}}}

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    Same kind of thing. Money raising. I wear my bracelet everywhere I go. So?—Big deal, eh? Haha

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