There’s the cutest little skink lving under a layer of bricks right outside the door to where I will be moving. I’ll bet she’s laid her eggs under there and soon we’ll be surrounded by a hoard of little skinks. Better skinks than skunks.
as you go through the nooks and crannies in her apartment, you realize why she never seems to have plastic storage baggies for leftovers and little paper cups in the bathroom. it’s because she takes the plastic baggies, rolls them up, puts a rubber band around them, and sticks the batches in various drawers and boxes. in those boxes, tucked into corners of closets, also are larger storage baggies full of little paper cups. and more lids to jars long discarded. because, you know, you never know…
I am considering having a nervous breakdown so that I can spend a couple of weeks somewhere in heavenly solitary confinement. And then, after someone else winds up clearing out our apartments and moving all of our stuff, I’ll have a miraculous recovery.
“Crone, Interrupted,” my daughter quips when I tell her my fantasy.
The moving van comes for all of our furniture and boxes on Monday. I know there will be a lot of small things left as yet unpacked that I will have to deal with.
I will make it through this. I will make it through this. I will make it through this.
Two carloads of stuff went down to the new place with me and my friend yesterday. When we were all done, we went into the nearby town and had a very late lunch. I had brie and blueberries on grilled sourdough bread. And blueberry lemonade.
Such diversions will help me make it through this.

7 thoughts on “skinky

  1. Packing up and/or selling off my entire packrat life to move to another country was pretty tough. I can’t even imagine having to pack for two, regardless of how far you have to go. If there are such things as vibes, I’m sending all my positive ones out your way until Monday.

  2. Well…good vibes beyond Monday, too. I’m sure all who know you are generating such thru whatever means mystical, spiritual, and natural they can generate. Think hard on this: soon you will be amid the natural environment you know lends you strength and renewal. Hang in.

  3. I love your fantasy, Elaine! Can I come, huh? But I love your mantra of resolve as well. “I will make it through this. I will make it through this. I will make it through this.” A friend once asked me, “Have you ever had a child? Have you ever been married? ever been divorced?” I answered ‘yes’ to all three. “Then,” she said, “What you have to get through now is a cakewalk.” Ok… “I will make it through this.” I don’t know about the “cakewalk” thing, but I do know we can make it through this. See you on the other side, Elaine!

  4. Skinks are pretty; “Crone, Interrupted” is funny.
    “I will get through this” is wishful thinking. You’re going down for the count, Lily.
    Hoo boy.
    Good luck, Elaine. You know I’m pulling for you. It will SOON BE OVER!!!

  5. I’m sure skinks are a lucky omen Elaine. Thanks to the absence of a cat, we always have one or two running around inside our house. I encourage them, hoping they keep down the population of cockroaches and such. Yours should bring good luck at the new house – so long as there won’t be a furry predator moving there with you!
    You have me worried with that story of the saved plastic bags bundled up with elastic bands. I’m taking them all to the bin right away!

  6. I do have a cat, but she stays indoors. The skinks can have all the outdoors they want. If any got in, they would absolutely freak my mom out anyway.

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