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Now some of my new readers will have a chance to get a glimpse into my strange interests.
Back in July of 03, I posted about being plagued by sitings of the numbers 11:11.
There are 91 comments on that post from people all over the place who keep seeing that number as well as other number series. That’s my most popular post, if you judge by the comments left.
Urm. Not a distinction I necessarily am delighted about, but there it is.
I’m thinking about it now because it’s happening again. I’m seeing 11:11s.
It is sooooo bizarre.
And if you think that’s bizarre, wait until I post about how I’m preparing to cleanse the “negative energies” in both the place to which I’m moving and my daughter’s house. Since my daughter and her family moved into their house less than a year ago, they have had such a stream of bad ju ju (property-wise and health-wise) that it does make one think that there’s something to the idea of a “jinxed” house. They did clean out the mold in the cellar and put in new replacement windows, as well as other obvious things one can do to make sure one’s home is not toxic. But somehow the bad vibes go on. (More on my plans for that another time.)
Meanwhile, just take a look at some of those (count ’em) 91 comments. If you’re still curious, check out my posts on seeing 11:11 here (18 comments on that one), and here (where there are two comments).
Count the comments. 91 plus 18 plus 2. 111. I didn’t know that until I was looking for the links to put in this post.
Ah, shades of Granny Weatherwax.

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