shoes, shoes, and more shoes

Three pairs of shoes!!! That’s Old Hoss’ advice in his comment to the post below.
Why I have three pairs of sneakers alone, not including my radical pink ones. And every woman knows that you can’t have too many black shoes — flats, heels (various heights), sandals… And then there are boots, and you need at least two dress boots — black and tan — and then you need good snow boots (at least you do if you live in the Northeast)! And now it’s almost summer, so there are sandals to wear with skirts, sandals to wear with shorts, dress-up sandals, sandals you can wear on the beach — slides, straps, leather, rubber, denim, metallic, black (of course), beige, and, to be in style, orange.
Only men can live with three pairs of shoes!
I wonder if I could only take three pairs of shoes with me to wear for the rest of my life, which I would choose.

3 thoughts on “shoes, shoes, and more shoes

  1. Not sure what to do with a line like “Only men can live with three pairs of shoes!”. I could point out the obvious, but that would be obvious, wouldn’t it?

  2. Wow! Where does one keep all of those shoes and all of those outfits? My three essential pairs of shoes: Black leather slides (they usually don’t hurt my feet), Black mesh running shoes (they usually don’t hurt my feet), and army jump boots (they don’t ever hurt my feet). If you sensed a theme, here, it’s because I am obsessed with preventing footaches. Not that I’m too successful (how many places can an old woman wear army jump boots?), but I try.
    I enjoy your posts!
    P.S. Hunky Husband has about twice the number of pairs of shoes that I have. Go figure!

  3. I can live with just three pairs of shoes. Even just one if it comes down to it. Unfortunately, I’m just one of those people who really could care less about shoes/clothes.

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