1 thought on “Grateful for Good News.

  1. Well, good for your son! He deserves the nod. I am interested in what will come out of this conference. Certainly not, I hope, new rules for bloggers. We already have enough of those as it is and since they are kalleidescopic in nature, I’m always tripping over new and improved (and unknown to me) etiquette. It wouldn’t be so bad if re-training was gentle, but it’s not, seeming more like a well-meaning slap in the face, harsh and intolerant.
    If official rules are absolutely necessary, I would love a more tolerant blogosphere, one that incorporates, besides the ethics of honesty, the Golden Rule, instead of the typically violent and rude Bronx cheer that is the knee-jerk reaction of those loftier ‘in the know’.

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