The following is verbatim from a new website that asks you to sign a petition that will be sent to the Democratic National Committee asking that Howard Dean be selected as the new chairman of the DNC. Links to the petition and other relevant information appear at the end of this article:
Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
In the aftermath of three successive failures — the 2000 presidential election, the 2002 midterm election, and the 2004 presidential election — now is the time for the Democratic Party to abandon its strategy of concession and capitulation.
Refining a failed strategy is not the answer. Our party must reinvent itself in ways appropriate to the inevitably-dire circumstances of President Bush’s second term.
During the 2004 presidential primary campaign, Howard Dean brought an authentic sense of urgency to the Democratic Party, and through a distributed and networked organization laid the foundation for turning a newly-energized grassroots into ground troops ready to fight the good fight.
That approach to organization, and that level of energy, is what the Democratic Party needs as it prepares to engage in fierce opposition to the Bush Administration’s falsely-claimed mandate.
Therefore, we Democrats — both long-time and newly-arrived — urge the Democratic Party to select Howard Dean as the new Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and further urge Dr. Dean to bring to bear the sense of urgency exhibited during his presidential campaign upon the very machine of the Democratic Party, from the inside.
It is expected that current DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe will be stepping down from that post early next year. Many of the Democrats rumored to be under consideration are either examples of the failed strategies of the past or members considered by the insulated party elite to be “up and comers”.
We have set a deadline for this petition of December 31, 2004, based upon McAuliffe’s “early next year” departure. However, it is important to obtain as many signatures as possible, as quickly as possible, in the event things move quickly and it looks like the party is going to announce a replacement well before McAuliffe leaves.
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Of course, I’ve already signed. I was an early Dean supporter, and I still dream of what inspiring path America might be on today had he not been the target of evil conservative information manipulation. I’m a registered Independent, but with Dean at the helm of the party, I would switch to give the Democrats all the support that I can.

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