and it’s the poor cat who suffers

I must have spent 12 of the past 24 hours struggling determinedly to make some changes on my weblog. I really don’t know how to code, so I had to keep going back to pages that were already set up and trying to figure out what I needed to copy into my new pieces to make them work. Lots of trial and error, saving and rebuilding. I guess I’m still not too old to learn new things, but boy is remembering each little < and > really taxing on my aging brain (to say nothing of my eyes!)
I also added an “About Me” page — something I started a long time ago and just never had the energy to really tackle until now. Next I want to revamp and update my blogroll.
I was so groggy when my cat woke me up this morning to feed her that I accidentally put my honey roasted sesame snacks in her bowl instead of her cat food. I store both in glass jars, but they don’t look anything alike. I don’t funtion well after only 3 hours sleep.
When I finally did get up, I noticed that my cat kept going over to her bowl and looking up at me expectantly. I also noticed that there were sesame snacks in her bowl instead of her food — and that she had eaten some of them. I replaced what was left with her own food, but she’s been looking a little green around the gills all day. Poor thing.

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