The grandmotherly revolution.

We are not your fathers’ grandmothers. We grandmothers of today are not afraid to speak out; we’ve on this planet long enough to have some perspective; we’ve learned that it doesn’t pay to give up. Ever.
The rocking chair in my sidebar links to Granny Voter, an effort to rally us grannies to use our voting power and our potential power to influence younger voters. Go Grannies!
A new website, Women and Girls Unite for Freedom, developed by another activist grandmother has the following as its mission:
To encourage informed and enlightened women and girls (men, also) to help raise the consciousness of other women so that they, too, will TAKE ACTION through their VOTE on November 2 to remove from office George W. Bush and his right wing conservative supporters in the U.S. Congress, and elect John Kerry for President along with other pro-choice candidates for Congress, thereby, greatly increasing the possibility of Equality, Justice and Freedom for all women and girls.
When I have a chance, I’ll add a link to that site in my sidebar. It’s got a great overview of the ways that the rights of women in America not only have been kept at a minimum, but how that minimum continues to be eroded by the Bush administration.
Hey — girls, women. Think about this:

We all agree that there are innumerable laws and regulations that control what a woman can and cannot do, personally, with HER body.

How many laws can you list that control what a man can and cannot do, personally, with HIS body???

Think about what kind of kick-ass old lady you want the right to be someday.

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