Poor Poland

The Daily Show today played up the Polish joke that Bush’s comments during the Presidential Debate actually, and unintentionally, set up.
Let’s face it. If you were going to make a list of the five most powerful national allies that America needs to have, Poland would probably not make the list.
I’m Polish and proud of it, but I’m also realistic about its stature in the global community.
I think it’s also kind of strange that Poland, who was royally screwed by both Britain and America during WWII, actually feels obligated to ally itself now — now of all times — with those countries. Oh well. I know nothing about current Polish politics.
But I am afraid that Polish-Americans, many of whom are devout god-fearing conservative Catholics, will not get the reality that makes the joke funny. They won’t get that the bigger joke is really George W. Bush and his inability to speak, lead, and negotiate with even a modicum of intellgence.
Poor Poland. Now it has taken on Dumbya as its ally. That’s a joke that’s not at all funny.

2 thoughts on “Poor Poland

  1. poland is a beautiful country with so much too offer! if only people were made aware of this! getting rid of greedy politiciansin poland and bringing in an EQUAL democracy than poverty would be demolished with the help of the EU to bring in fair pay to people

  2. hm….. i dont know… for me Poland is too realy beauty and rich country
    have many nice towns super friendly and tolerant ppl đŸ™‚
    for me germany ro ffench r really boring countries and have only poor promosition
    so i can only say NO EAST NO WEST ONLY CENTRAL EUROPE IS THEBEST( modern Poland rulezzz)
    ok cyaaa

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