Thirty Years Later

Over at Blog Sisters Brooke Biggs asks for input about what we women have been doing wrong in trying to change our country’s policies — 200 words or less. Well, I couldn’t do it in even twice that many. But here it is, anyway:
It was 1975 and the first Stepford Wives movie had just come out, Ms Magazine was three years old, the book Fascinating Womanhood was getting big play, and the Vietnam War had just ended. I was a vocal feminist, a disgruntled housewife, a struggling mother, a war-protestor, and I thought that Gloria Steinham should rule the world.
Along with thousands of other women, I marched and argued for women

2 thoughts on “Thirty Years Later

  1. It isn’t a matter of I am independent I don’t need a man. That is like saying I have a job, I don’t need a man. I have a lamp, I don’t need a man. The whole idea that women can’t ask for higher wages and more freedom or to be treated with respect without going lesbian is ridiculous. The feminist movement degraded morality that was long established in Christian’s families. To say lets run around and have sex before marriage is lame. What has it gotten us. As Doctor Phil would say, “How has that worked for you?”

  2. Interesting that you should assume that all feminists are lesbians. Most of us are not — including me. And how has it all worked for me? Much better than the alternative. Scroll up to the top of the page and click on the mountain scene. Tha will take you to my home page. Click on “about” and that will tell you more about me than you want to know.
    As for Christian “morality,” there’s no such thing in our world today. Many of thoses who preach Christianity are the least moral people out there.

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