Baby It’s You

For me, the overwhelming complexity of what it means to be human is to let things be simple, to perceive as deep what seems so very uncomplicated.
My challenge is to be still of mind and heart long enough to notice.
Some things are taken care of before we even get there.
Sometimes we just walk in, laugh for a while, and kiss a baby hello.

My Blog Sister Jeneane writes (excerpted above) about watching her friend deliver her third child. Jeneane’s clear notice of life’s deepest moments is legendblogdary.
If only it were really that easy to “let things be simple.” It seems that they are for some and for others, well, not so.
I really do wish I believed in Karma, in some divine purpose. But every day is a crapshoot. We are at the mercy of those little steel balls in some quantum pin ball game.
Taking a deep breath helps. (Even though doing so also makes me cough these days.) Going with the flow; trying to enjoy what there is of the ride when it’s not being trying. Letting the things that take care of themselves take care of themselves. And then taking care with the rest. Escaping into another realily every once in a while. You know — headology.
My mother’s shingles seem to be coming back. She is 88 and tired of those random little steel balls. Everything hurts. I try to take care. I want to laugh and kiss a baby hello.

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  1. Well, he may not let you kiss him, but I’m sure he’ll blurt out your name and ask to drive your car when you see him next weekend. 🙂

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