slip-slidin’ away

I guess on one level we can say we’ve come a long way since 1960 when John F. Kennedy had to foreswear that he’d follow the instructions of the Pope in his decisions of governance. Today we have a Protestant born-again who tries to enlist the Pope to intervene in an American election.
The above is from today’s Talking Points Memo that highlights the dark and dirty efforts of our president — not only to further erode our rights as American citizens, but, even more nefarious — to enlist the aid of the Catholic Church to coerce (some) citizen support for that effort.
Well, there’s always Michael Moore, still fighting the good fight. Believing Michael Moore doesn’t require a leap of faith; facts are facts. Unfortunately, I would imagine that many of the people of faith — especially those who have taken the leap onto Bush’s rights-eroding bandwagon — won’t go to see the movie and don’t read Talking Points Memo.

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