The distortion of dreams

I’ve taken scissors to my hair again. It has something to do with dreams. Not the night kind, but rather the kind that have to do with hopes. I’m always hoping that if I just make a few adjustments here and there, it will all fall into place — my hair, my clothes, my life. I often come close. When is it good enough?
There are some who live in a world of dreams. I think today of Chris Locke (Rage Boy), who blogs of fevered flu-fueled dreams. Who dreams of ways to survive in a world that seems to send suicide bombers into the center of every dream. He just wants to find a way to survive.
That’s what b!X is trying to do with his Portland Communique. Survive. The same end, but different means, different motivation, different dreams.
The little house in the corner of a big corner lot is a dream to which scissors have been taken.
I’m wishing a good hair day for everyone.

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