Both pictures suck.

Little picture, big picture. They both suck.
I’m back from three therapeutic days with the cutest little guy in the world, as he lead me around by the hand and names all of the things in his world. Truck. Trash. Plant. Water. Elbow. Cat. Tea. Cup. Handle. Elmo. Tigger…… And, of course, his favorite thing in the world, vacuum cleaner, which, in his language, sounds like “mwaamuu.”
I’m back, in a better frame of mind but not much better frame of reference. I’ve contacted a Home Care agency to set up an evaluation and figure out what we need to make this work. Mom is on her feet, shaky tho’ they might be, able to get dressed and sit at the table and eat. I find that I’m distracted from whatever I’m doing at the time, whether it’s something for her or something for me. My own back is acting up — probably because I really want to “act up” and I can’t. I want to be bitchy and mean and self-centered. But there’s already one too many of those around here.
The Big Bush Picture gets worse and worse as well.
From BuzzFlash.
In his book, “House of Bush, House of Saud,” journalist Craig Unger lays out a compelling case that the Bush family is so inextricably bound up with the Saudi royal family that it could not hold them responsible for the role that many Saudi Arabians played in the 9/11 day of terror.
In essence, the Bush Cartel has sold Americans a bill of goods. They have diverted our attention from the major nation state supporting Al-Qaeda because they don’t want to attack their own business partners, including the Saudi who bailed Harken Oil out. He’s the same guy that was deeply involved with BCCI, the corrupt bank that Poppy Bush and many of his cohorts were associated with. There are plenty more like him. Just read Unger’s book.
It is hard to put your arms around the gravity of Bush’s betrayal of our nation. Americans just don’t want to believe that anyone sitting in the Oval Office, even if unelected, could be a traitor to the interests of his own country.
But, when it comes to Saudi Arabia, the Bush family’s business interests and personal relationships take precedence over our interests as a nation.
Remember, the Bush Cartel censored 28 pages in Congress’s 9/11 reports. The subject of those 28 pages was reportedly the Saudi financing of terrorist front organizations and “charities.”
Unger, a respected journalist, concludes that Bush must believe that “the billionaire Saudi royals are somehow more worthy of the government’s concern than are the victims of 9/11.”

“As above, so below,”.
Certainly seems so from where I’m sitting, so tired of sucking it up.

2 thoughts on “Both pictures suck.

  1. Hi, Elaine.
    I wish I could offer you some advice regarding your mother and the urge toward self-centeredness (?); something vague, trite perhaps, but nonetheless true, like “Maintain your center” or “remember at all times that love is the answer”. But I simply have not been in the situation you are and I feel that to speak from anyhting but experience is to theorize only.
    At least I can wish blessings your way, which I am doing even as I type these words. And peace.
    And speaking of peace. . . Don’t even get me started on The Bush Clan and the corruption of Democracy that has reached some twisted fruition with George Jr.’s “Administration” and the Iraqi disgrace (yeah, yeah, its good that Sadam is gone. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no good, sure, but at what cost?) I’m too tired. It’s too late and I’ve said enough already.

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