How do you become…

How do you become……
best blog in the state
something Great
a valuable public service
must-read source
in other words,
How do you become theonetruebix?
I ponder this question as I study his photo, which appeared on the front page of The Oregonian kitty-corner from Condoleeza Rice’s.
According to my personal and precise recollections, among other imaginative things, you have to
— come into this world vocalizing before you’re even all the way out of your mother
— get accepted into a Montessori pre-school when you’re 2.5 years old because you’re already reading
— become addicted to comic books and sci fi before you even start Kindergarten
— want to be a space moving van driver when you grow up
— from age 6 on, never be without a book of some sort in your back pocket
— dislike school but love to investigate and create
— grow up in a room that a set designer painted to look like the Star Trek bridge
— manage to get an excuse from gym class
— use one of the first Macs to write, publish, and distribute an underground newspaper while in high school
— never get a driver’s license or learn to drive
— get arrested on high school graduation night for shooting off firecrackers
— apply to only one college and get accepted based on your application essay
— get written up in the NY Times while in college for helping to stage a kind of “art is for the people” protest on campus
— churn out an underground newspaper in college
— quit college and spend some time in Texas, Minnesota, New York City, and San Francisco and do all the traveling by bus
— get written up by Rolling Stone as one of the dozen twenty-somethings trying to change the world
— wear black and shave your head
— convince a couple of girls you meet over the Internet to rent a truck and move you from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon
— use money that your grandfather left when he passed away to buy an internet cafe in Portland and then realize that you’re not cut out for the business world
— try many times and without success to get a job at Powell’s books
— keep shaving your head and wear hats
— spend a couple of years earning some money being a “nanny” and father-figure to a little boy/child of a working single-mom friend
— discover the joys of weblogging early in the game and convert your mother to the cause
— find your bliss — although not your fortune — as a citizen journalist and get profiled by The Oregonian.
Oh. And also
— give your mother heartburn, gray hairs, bad dreams, and lots of reasons to be plenty proud, amazed, and teary-eyed.
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  1. Hi!!!!!
    This is Debora from Brazil i was looking for tap dance information since i also started again last year and found your website since you were talking about it in one of your posts …i loved your website/blog its so great to see your life perspective and how you deal with everything!!!Are you still doing tap dance?!?!?!

  2. How great to hear from someone in Brazil! Nope, no more tap dancing. It was aggravating a deteriorating disc in my lumbar spine. Oh well. It’s a good thing I have lots of other interests, ’cause I really like to dance.

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