And then there’s the boob on the tube.

Hee hee.
My daughter emailed me that my 19 month old grandson just looked at Bush on TV and said “boob.” Another dissident is born!!!
Meanwhile, the boob “celebrates” the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. Congratulations, Dumbya, on getting 571 Americans (and countless others) killed in pursuit of your Amerikan nightmare.
And then there’s all these other monumental things you’re doing for our country, as Molly Ivins so clearly explains at the beginning of her piece of “Red Alert at the White House.”:
How much fun can one administration have? More dead GIs. New record trade deficit. Stock market plunge. Defeated ally in Spain. New Spanish prime minister says the occupation in Iraq is a “continuing disaster” and he’s pulling his troops out. Still no jobs. And then they guy who was supposed to be the new jobs czar turns out to have laid off 75 of his own workers while building a $3 million factory in China to employ 165 Chinese people………

5 thoughts on “And then there’s the boob on the tube.

  1. 20 months, huh? He was just 19 months yesterday. 🙂
    Yes, maybe peace flags. Or maybe multi-media anti-establishment experimental theatre, huh? And maybe we’ll all have to move to Canada after all.

  2. Hell, you’ll have to move a lot further than Canada by the time the greedheads are through with you. Come to South Afica; good weather, good people, good vibe. Okay, we have problems, but we deal with them and you’ll never lack for good friends and politicians who, if they’re bent, don’t mind or care who knows.
    A wonderful page of posts, Elaine, as ever. Being a male ain’t all that bad; some things don’t apply and the others don’t happen all at once :).
    With everybody dedicating their posts to Mel, yours have, since your first review of that godawful film, been a model of Catholic sensibility. I think, if the factual history of any religion were widely known, its adherents would probably go to war on all the others. Perhaps Christians these days do, in fact, know more than they’re willing to admit to themselves. Hence their readiness to act out instead of look inward. As members of a religious body, Christian fundamentalists everywhere are being shown to be “of little faith.”
    Tough… but the upside is that they will not last. I guess it’s all about swings and roundabouts in the end; balance forces itself on us, lending the lie to extremism. Life is larger than all of us and, for that, I thank God in my own way as, I’m sure, do you…

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