Winning one for the gaffer.

“You know what a gaffe is? A gaffe is when you tell the truth when the people in Washington don’t think you should have.”
I was told that Howard Dean said that. And also
“The President wants to go to Mars. I think Mars is a great idea… I think he should be the first to go.”
I actually contributed to’s campaign to get the winner of its “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest on as the first ad on before the Super Bowl.
It’s well worth watching all 26 of the finalists in this ad contest. If you can’t get to all of them, be sure to see the winner.
My personal fave is the “Hood Robbin'” entry.
Let’s hope it all works to win one for the truth-telling gaffer.
Go Dean!

1 thought on “Winning one for the gaffer.

  1. This is great! I need to make a pot of coffee and amble thru MoveOn’s wonderful images of Bush bashing ads. I love it! Sierra Club has had their first anti-Bush ad on TV in our city for the past week and it’s a dandy. Thank [pick the deity of your choice] for these determined liberal groups……will enough citizens wake up and send the Cowboy back to Texas this November? Along with the *real* axis of evil——Cheney, Ashcroft and Rove?

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