This is a Reader’s Comment on BuzzFlash (I don’t have the link because it was emailed to me without one.)
The Hypocrisy of Bush Investigations
It amazes me the difference in how the administration requests investigations and tries to file criminal charges to anyone that is not agreeing with their views, but how much they drag their feet to the investigations that are important to the American people, like the 9/11 case or the CIA’s agent name leak….I pray that before November many more Americans follow their conscience and bring to light all the irregularities of the current administration.
Another thing that really amazes me is the fact that the Republicans have been saying for the last years that Clinton was not impeached because of the affair but the fact that Clinton LIED about it…..are our troops being killed and maimed because of the TRUTH relevant to the WMD? …Just asking.
Helloooooo……does impeachment apply in this case

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