Stringing along.

I wasn’t going to post tonight; I was just going to tool around and see what some of my old blog buddies are up to. I take a long overdue look across vast oceans and see that Mike Golby is moving his blogabode, and Andrea James is folding up one of her tents and taking up major residence elsewhere.
Something stirring, shifting. I thought it was just me, but it’s not just me. Shelley’s moving and she’s got half the wayward bloggers I know moving in with her and becoming Wayward Bloggers. They’re changing servers, taking on new faces and focuses. Frank Paynter’s moving in with Shelley. I read s somewhere that Ray Sweatman is too.
I head over to Lorraine O’Connor’s place to check out if she’s on the move again. She’s moved around so many times that I got tired of changing her link on my blogroll. The ol’ girl (she’s even OLDER than I am) is still there, but she’s going through some kind of malaise as well. I’m telling you, it’s the strings. We’re all strung out together here, and, for the moment, we’re vibrating a little out of sync.
OK, everyone, repeat after me: Ohm. Oooohhhhhhmmmm. Let’s get that Unified Field a little more fine tuned. Get those spheres harmonizing.
I have a lot of work ahead of me updating my blogroll after everyone gets settled in. It’s way out of date anyway, and I ‘ve got a list of female-founded spots I’ve got to get around to including. Burningbird’s rant got me fired up about that one.
Meanwhile, for my own information, I’ve been Googling to find out more about audio hallucinations. I found this incredibly relevant article, which started me wondering about just how many “problems” that are diagnosed as psychological really have their bases in physiological anomalies — everything from outrageous hormone levels to atrophied ear drums or such. We are, after all, mostly fragile flesh. Well, actually mostly water, but you know what I mean.
Meanwhile, I get no answer at Tom Shugart’s. Oh oh. Is that a broken string? Or have I been out of tune for so long that I missed his move?
I’m feeling a little left out, since I’m not moving off b!X’s server and that means I won’t be one of the way cool Wayward Blogger group. Maybe they’ll let me be an honorary member.

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  1. Ah Hah! Thought you could fool me, eh? Well, I tracked ya down and it still tells me “done but with errors on page” in the sys tray, but I used the address you left on my sitemeter……..
    so, that’s the URL for you I will use from now on. Whew! 😉

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