We Need Many More Michael Moores.

I know that Mother Theresa is for sure a saint. But I think Michael Moore is too. My Man Moore continues to tirelessly seek out the diseases in our failing government and economic system. And they are legion. (This sick world needs a lot more like both of those two healers.)
At non-blogger myrln’s suggestion, who was repeating Michael Moore’s suggestion, I Googled “dead peasants insurance” and “senior death discount” –and discovered two more ways our existing power systems are demonstrating their disdain for us little guys (without whom they would have no base of power).
I just don’t understand why all of us little guys are not out there adding to Howard Dean’s growing and deserving power base. While Dean uses the internet in a blue collar way for his campaign, there are other politicos who do differently. Like Hillary Clinton who recently held a live online chat, but to participate, you had to donate a $1000. Smaller donors and reporters were not allowed in. I wish she weren’t buying into the old ways of doing political business, but it looks as though she is.
Michael Moore and Howard Dean — now there’s a pair who, together, might be able to show up and clean up the mess in this country. Personally, I wish there were a female presence in that effort, but I don’t see any out there with the metaphorical balls.

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