I succumb to a sense of virtual community.

I’m a hands-on person. I like to cook, knit, make things, re-make things, hug, touch. Even though blogging requires my hands on the keyboard, it’s not the same feeling for me as the other hands-on stuff that I do. There’s too much physical distance between my reaching out and that sensory-deprived cybertouch.
But I find myself joining in Gary Turner’s (who lives in the British Isles) campaign to help out Chris Locke (who lives in Colorado) and is a very very close virtual friend of my Blog Sister Jeneane Sessum (who lives in Georgia.)
So I bought the $20 Save RageBoy 2004 calendar, even though I already have a perfectly good calendar that I bought in the dollar store last month; even though I have gotten in Chris’ virtual face more often than not lately; even though I could think of a dozen things that cost $20 that I’d like to buy for my grandson; even though

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  1. Connecting the Dots

    It’s all about connections and connecting. The net, while driven by technology, continually proves that what it’s really about is connections. People connecting to other people. We make friends. Some we meet in real life. Some we never meet….

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