Not too tired to smack back.

I’m exhausted. But I’m pissed about being used. I’m really tired. Got back from working a big craft fair for two days and found out that one of my best friends was in the emergency room and needed to be picked up and brought home. So I did. And then set her up so that she could get through the night all right.
I’m really tired. And I’m sick and tired of RageBoy’s inability to move on past his perennial arrested development stage. I’m a little late picking up on this, but, even though I ignored his effort to get lots of us to join his childish and hurtful prank against Dave Winer, he managed to post a comment on my weblog that, for all practical purposes, enlists me in his anti-Winer campaign. I resent that. And I’m tired. But not tired enough to edit the comment to negate his devious manipulation of Google on my unsupported behalf.
I’m really tired. My feet hurt, my back aches, and Locke’s sneakiness a big pain in my neck, which a motrin and an edit will get rid of. Too bad he can’t get rid of that nasty streak of his. And too bad his other blogger friends don’t stand up to him as well.
I’m really tired.

3 thoughts on “Not too tired to smack back.

  1. yeah, he’s an old reprobate and frequently a pissant. i hate myself for loving him, sometimes. maybe it’s because he’s the only person left on the earth who still has the power to deeply shock and offend me by the things he says. anyone else who tries just makes me laugh derisively. but ol’ rage has a very sharp pen. he also has written a few pieces that are as beautiful as anything i have ever read, and i have read a lot. i guess the snarky bastard is sort of a national treasure. i hope he makes out okay.

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