Lives beyond blogging.

I just got home from the first day of the two-day craft fair that I do once a year to sell my shawls. It’s held at a huge apple farm/orchard run by a young woman who was an eighth grade student of mine back in the ’70s. I’m tired. My back hurts. I’m asking myself why I do this, since I barely break even. I like making the stuff, so I have to do something with it all. Sell it at a craft fair once a year. Groan.
And while I’ve been finishing up, packing up, driving out, unpacking, standing, selling, sitting, selling, driving ….., all kinds of neat stuff has been going on in the lives of my blog neighbors.
Moj przyjaciel, Marek J. became a citizen of the U.S. Maybe there’s hope for this country yet. You go, guy!
Frank Paynter launched a brilliantly visual interview with Burningbird/Shelley, who is probably still in the hospital after her surgery. Jeneane posts a poem to Shelley that echoes how so many of us feel about Bb. You go, Bb!
Jeneane and George took a tough stand on behalf of their daughter Jenna and her right to be educated as an individual. You go, guys.
And Thierry Robin, a free-lance reporter from France has gone to Iraq…
…in the company of three female members…. My favorite subject is the condition of women and girls in Iraq. I’m going to listen to their words, silences, claims and hopes. I will try to seize their glances, to catch a moment in the life of these women, of these girls in the turmoil of this war which does’nt finish. I’m going to meet them as if I were visiting the members of my own humane family. That’s the main thing. It does not matter what these women will dare or be able to tell me, what they will reveal about their life or inner feelings. Try to decipher the language of the human heart in such a situation will give all the depth to this work, like a unique testimony of our time.
She’s supposed to be reporting back in her weblog. You go, girl!
And now, back to my crafty life beyond the blog — not anywhere near as relevant as the rest. But it’s the only one I have right now. I’m going.

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