The naughtiness of nice.

In his comment to my post below, RageBoy (with whom I briefly shook hands at BloggerCon) says I seemed to him like a “Nice Lady.”
Now, those are two words I won’t mind seeing coming out of the mouths of grandson’s future friends. But, c’mon, is that what a 63-year-old former funky disco queen who purposely wears tight jeans wants to hear?
I used to be delighted when my own kids’ friends called me a “cool mom.” I’ve also been called “arrogant,” “nasty,” and “hot” by various friends at various times. But “nice?” And “lady?” (shudder) Is that how far I’ve fallen?
I often tell my friend P that she’s too nice, and she knows that I don’t mean that as a compliment.
Call me a “screaming-mimi careening-out-of-control psychotic wolverine,” and, in a strange way, I feel validated. Call me a “nice lady” and I start wondering where I lost my edge and if I should put in my order for the rocking chair now.

6 thoughts on “The naughtiness of nice.

  1. that’s exactly why chris said that, doll — he’s a maestro of the verbal backhand, enough to make pete sampras look like a lightweight. he KNEW it would bug you. don’t expect transparency of motive from good ol’ rageboy — that’s not the brand he’s selling anyway.
    and he also doesn’t play like that with people he doesn’t like, so take the backhand in the spirit it was given. [maybe you could call him ‘totally sweet’ or something like that in a public forum for real ‘gotcha!’ points.]
    i think chris is kind of freaked out by girls, like most poetic-visionary-prophet type dudes. but essentially i think he’s a ‘nice guy’.
    all that being oversaid, i didn’t become a fan of yours for the flowers. [maybe you need to get a new bgimage of kali standing on a corpse…mmmm!]

  2. It goes the other way, too, with age… There’s not much worse than being an independent, intelligent lone wolf young woman who gets stuck with the oh-so-demeaning: “cute.”

  3. Ah, yes. I remember the time the young boy behind the counter said that my driver’s license pic looked like it got taken a long time ago. Definitely not nice boy. But you see, what counts is this: it’s about him. If his intentions were dishonorable, well then, he’s got to live with that and with himself. So party on and go on with your life, girl.

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