12 thoughts on “BloggerCon in a Crone’s eye.

  1. Right on, Elaine.
    “Whatever” to RSS and is blogging journalism and political campaign blogging and the like.
    Blogging is about the speed and depth of connection that facilitated halley’s “stealth disco” dance behind Joi, thereby bringing relief and laughter to so many of us–even those of us who weren’t there. The AKMA and Si story you shared too.
    THAT is where the power of blogging is.

  2. Actually, while there is no imminent danger of me walking around in a straightjacket, (no way to type), the blue hair isn’t that far-fetched an idea. Hmm… ^_^

  3. The Future of WiFi – Life or Death?

    Or How to Burst Another Bubble Yesterday I noted some of the how and why behind the failure and ongoing demise of the telecom industry. Today WiFi technology is a pretty visible hot topic. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants it….

  4. Elaine – Sorry that all we got to do was say our hiyas. I did mean to join you at that Chinese place but I got caught up in a conversation with Hylton Jolliffe of Corrante, whom I had also never met, and, he being a man and all… well, you understand I’m sure. It would have been nice to trade our “different cosmic understandings” and all that, but I guess our kozmik destinies were such that it was simply not to be this time. However, first impressions are important, and I was struck by the fact (it seemed to me) that you are a Very Nice Lady and not the screaming-mimi careening-out-of-control psychotic wolverine you have at times appeared to be online. I guess we all have our little Avatars, don’t we? For instance, I myself am actually a highly devout Russian Orthodox monk and psi-phenomena consultant to the CIA.
    On the other hand, I learned that that Dave Winer is exactly what he seems.

  5. RB–
    Good thing you didn’t try to catch up with us at lunch; we wound up at a burger joint ’cause it was closer.
    And I’m a real Mother Theresa in tight jeans, doncha’ know! Except during the full moon… or when the lights go out… or when I forget to take my Prozac… or….
    until our next kozmik battle —
    all the best from my avatar to yours

  6. BloggerCon Retrospective

    Dave Winer is rounding up various parties’ reflections on BloggerCon, and I had such a great time that I wanted to join the chorus of appreciation for the Berkman Center staff (especially the wonderful Wendy Koslow, and we-all-wish-we’d-had…

  7. Elaine, I loved seeing you and loved your blue-jean thing. How RB got the idea you are a Very Nice Lady I can’t imagine–you looked wicked to me! I did keep checking out the window of that burger joint so I could catch JOHO et al if they went by. I am glad your grandson keeps you heading Boston-wards so often, but jealous his competition roots you in Jamaica Plain. I will gladly drive or T over there to see you anytime. xxx Betsy
    p.s. When do I get to meet you, Jeneane?

  8. Wow! I need to know more about the 11 phenomenon. I was born 1/11 and my mother on 8/11. I see the number EVERYDAY. Most time when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom it will be 3:11, 4:11, etc. This all started when I was 18 and going to college. My apartment was 1101 Westmore Ave Apt 11. That year my dads dog had 11 puppies, my awesome new watch I had got had an 11 year warranty. The clock was more than not 11:11 or something:11. The following year 9/11 happened and I know there is more but I have forgotten. I purchased a home and my new telephone number was ***-***-5411. The telephone lady I had talked to to get the phone hooked up was born on 1/11, after I had told her about how weird my 11’s are the check I was writing her was #111. After that it had went away for a while, when that happened my mother started to see them everywhere. It’s like I passed it on to her. It went away for around two years…then it came back and now it still is happening. Last night I went to bed early like around 8:00pm, I popped my head up at exactly 11:11 and looked right at the clock. This is NO joke. I am a skeptic when it comes to paranormal and psychic stuff but this occurs too often to be coinsidence. Everywhere I go on a daily basis this number is with me. Does anyone know what this means? Please I need to know. My mother and I are going crazy over this. Please some explaination!!!! Tina 11:)

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