Off to See the Wizards.

That’s the wizards of the Kingdom of Blog, of course. Leaving tomorrow to spend time with my munchkin grandson and then head over to BloggerCon to pull aside the curtain and see who’s working the controls.
Meanwhile, Dumbya’s kingdom feels more and more like some bad movie script. As Maureen Dowd explains:
Now Washington is consumed with the saga of how the glamorous C.I.A. officer and the dashing California surfer-turned-ambassador went from wedding cake to yellowcake….
Unable to find weapons of mass destruction, the Bush team has turned to weapons of personal destruction. It’s bad enough that the administration hasn’t come up with any plausible reason for not having uncovered any W.M.D., even as it’s requesting $600 million more to find them; now it’s practicing Crawford McCarthyism……
At his office yesterday, a block from the White House that he has turned into Bleak House, Mr. Wilson was calm, even as Republicans continued to rip him. For Bush officials, who have wielded patriotism as a bludgeon on critics, you’d think that doing something as unpatriotic as outing Mr. Wilson’s wife and endangering the lives of her C.I.A. contacts would be enough. Nah.
The group that fights so ferally to keep everything secret, from the cronies who met with Dick Cheney to the identities of the people it has tossed into the brig at Gitmo, had no problem spilling the beans on its own spy when self-preservation was at stake……

So, for the weekend, I’m heading down the yellow brick road away from Dumbya’s disturbing Land of Oz and escaping to what I’m assuming is a kinder, gentler world.
I’m a good witch doncha know?
Stay tuned for my outsider’s view of the gathering of the Wizards of Blog.

5 thoughts on “Off to See the Wizards.

  1. Yes, the man behind the curtain is Winer. But there’s also a cast of characters who are playing out his scenario. I’m curious to get a sense of how much is real and how much is merely Maybelline.
    Of course, I won’t be there for the expensive and expansive first day, when the major figures will present their arcana, but I’m hoping some will still be around for mingle with the proletariat on Free Day 2.

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