busy busy

Busy, getting ready to go away this weekend for the second day of BloggerCon and to take my grandson shopping for his first pair of shoes. Dean Landsman beat me to posting about going ape for BloggerCon. Coincidentally, as I was watching the news report about the ape that got loose from the Franklin Park Zoo — to which my grandson just went for the first time a week ago –I was working on this “monkey-hood bath towel” to bring to him.
Busy finally finishing ironing the transfers onto the t-shirt that will announce who I am at BloggerCon. (Two small ones on the front and big one on the back.)
Busy contibuting to Howard Dean’s fund-raising push. This is only the second time in my life I’ve ever contributed to a campaign. The only other was for a friend who’s a civil rights lawyer and was running for Albany County D.A. He didn’t win. I hope I haven’t jinxed Dean.
Busy keeping up with all of the sordid news and trying to keep on keeping on despite my anger, frustration, and sadness.
Busy making Jeneane Sessume’s Jenna something girly for her sixth birthday, even though it’s going to get there after the fact. It’s such fun stuff to make but not quite the thing for my grandson. (It’s a bead-trimmed floppy hat and shawl/poncho, in case you’re wondering.)
Busy making signs for my craft fair booth.
Busy cooking up some meals to leave for my mother to nuke while I’m away in Boston.
And, finally, busy starting to read The Secret Life of Bees, which I love already. Thanks, myrln, for the recommendation.

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  1. Hail fellow Sherlockian reader. I, too, have read The Secret Life of Bees. Great read.
    Long time ago, read another fiction novel that was about Watson and Sherlock in a mystery, but not written by Doyle. A modern day author, and I cannot remember the title. Lots of adventure and was more action along the lines of Indiana Jones. In fact, it could have been titled Indiana meets Sherlock. Maybe someone else has read….
    BTW, Love your blog!

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