5 thoughts on “Avast, me hearties!

  1. Avaste Ye!

    Ahoy ye blackguards and scallywags! Today be Talk Like a Pyrate Day! And to fill ye’r sorry lives, we three — Elaine, The Kalilily Queen, Jeneane, The Sword of the Marketeer, and meself, Flaming Bird, the Songster — will bring ye tales to make ye’r b…

  2. Belay that, Ye Froward Wenches!

    Arrrrrr! A little parrot, a burning parrot told me that three piratical maids have claimed pre-eminence on the pseven pseudo-seas of pcyber-[not really]-space! Aye, and the Flaming Bird has upped the ante by several doubloons, or doublets or something,…

  3. Aye, ye suck the ass, arr!
    That thar be the suckiest writin’ I ever lay me plunderin’ eye on!
    Take an English or Creative Writing class before ye test yer metal on the internet!
    May yer peg leg rot off.

  4. Yarr, ignore that scallywag, he’s a damned dirty landlubbin’ Ninjer! That said, the story-slash-poem thing does stink like a bucket o’ chum left out too long. I went to the homepage o’ that link ye gave, and it was in Spanish! “Yarr, the fuck be that” I said! Aint no good English poetry ever shamble out of that hellacious peninsula! Yarr, in fact, aint NOTHIN good ever come out of that desert shit-hole! Damn the dabloons, now I’m all angry!

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