Speaking of Blogging and Art.

The BloggerCon 2003 at Harvard is scheduled to have “Art Interludes,” but I sure hope they come up with something more creative than what’s been suggested so far. Except for my suggestion, of course, which was:
Rather than display works already created, since bloggers tend to improvise on the spot, why not have those brave enough improvise/create their own art. For example, (and you would need people to have access to the net and printers, you also would need magic markers, paper, fabric, sticky tape etc.), have Chris Locke begin affixing to a blank wall some improvisational creation as soon as he arrives — words, drawings, images from blogs. And then others add to this in some associative way, playing off each others’ themes (just as many of us verbally do in our weblogs already). In a way, it becomes a group “wall-log.” If you can come up with a way to cover the wall with large pieces of paper so that the resulting mural can be saved, at the end, everyone can take a piece of it home, digitize it, and use it as a jump-off point for blogging about the Blogger Con. Use your imaginations, guys!!
Art is as much process as product. Wouldn’t it be cool to see what kind of “art” bloggers might produce if they approach that creative act as they do the process of blogging?
And I am planning to be there for the second day, ’cause it’s for free. And I’ll be wearing my own personally-designed Kalilily Time t-shirt so that everyone will notice me. Or not.

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